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2022 move over. it’s the law.


2022 move over. it’s the law.

Since 2017, there have been 149 law enforcement officers killed in traffic-related incidents. Join the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and our state highway safety partners in ending roadside fatalities of law enforcement officers and all first responders by increasing awareness of “Move Over” laws through the Move Over. It’s the Law. safety campaign.

Every time law enforcement officers stop to help motorists, investigate a crash, or conduct a traffic stop, they are putting their own lives at risk. In fact, it isn’t just law enforcement officers who are at risk: The “Move Over” laws exist to help ensure the safety of all first responders, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, safety service patrols, and towing vehicles. To address the heightened danger involved in these roadside stops, every state has enacted “Move Over” laws, requiring motorists to slow down and change lanes, if safe to do so, when approaching stopped emergency vehicles with emergency lights activated.

These laws can only save lives if:

  • Motorists are aware of them,
  • Drivers obey them, and
  • Law enforcement officers enforce them.

We need your help in educating all drivers that slowing down and moving over and giving space to emergency personnel isn’t just a courtesy — it’s the law, and it can save a life. Losing one more officer to a traffic-related incident is not acceptable. These are preventable tragedies.

The more people hear the message, the more they’ll understand. We are asking for your help to spread the message. Tell motorists: Slow Down and Move Over. It’s the Law. Think about the hundreds of law enforcement officers killed on our nation’s highways over the last decade. Let’s honor their memory and prevent any future, similar tragedies from happening. Let’s work together to remind the public: Move Over. It’s the Law.

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