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Rhode Island Considers Banning Trucks On Secondary Roads, Reportedly To Force Them To Use Toll Roads

Truck-Only Toll Sparks Outcry Among Truckers The truck-only toll legislation was signed into law by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo  in February of 2016 in spite of strong outcry from the trucking industry. Raimondo justified tolling only truck drivers (many of whom are from out-of-state) because she says that they do most of the damage to…

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Can you easily gather all requird documentation in case of a DOT or Law Enforcement Audit? Are you working with a Company that can quickly and efficiently get you every thing you need? At Capital Driver Leasing, we can get your files to you via, hard copied or email. This can be done with accuracy…

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Driver Appreciation Week September 11-17 2016

Convenience shopping as we know it would NOT be possible without our truck drivers. They transport the majority of the merchandise that we buy in retail locations. Their role in our economy is vital, so we should be sure to thank them during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. This is observed September 11-17, 2016 and…

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Be ready to "spring" into action

It is time to Spring forward in many ways. We are the way of the future, within the Trucking Industry, as you all know, there is a good driver shortage. Your regular, solid , reputable drivers have to go on vacation, sick time, etc. How will you keep your trucks rolling? We can help when…

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