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As a Commercial TruckDriver you tend to work on dedicated runs and usually out of one location. Although as a Lease Driver you might work at different locations and for different customers.  You will have to know how to sell yourself to each of these locations. This is a skill which becomes important when securing assignments at your Leasing Company.  A customer will call in and 9 out of 10 times ask for the Driver who was on time, drove safe and was especially good with their customers.

Sell yourself?  What does this mean?  Some might say, “I am not a salesperson”. When a Driver reports to an assignment for the first time right away they should leave a good impression. You never get a second chance. It ‘s good to be on time, properly dressed, groomed and ready with the proper equipment for that assignment. Be ready to do your pre-trip inspection, ask for the correct dispatch person and let them know you are on site, ready to work.  Once you are in the truck know your ELD Status and have your Script Card ready,so that if by chance you’re stopped,  you’re prepared, look professional and will have less delay.  It’s good to Google or Bing look up something about the Company and what they haul etc.  All of these everyday tasks speak volumes to the Customers you are now working for. You can be assured that if and when that Company needs a driver again, they’re going to call and ask for You.  An even bigger compliment to you, the Driver, would be if the Company requested to hire You direct. We help Drivers with this transition. First, sell yourself then everything else falls into place.

Customer Service? Yes! To become a successful Lease Driver, great customer service is a necessity. Some are used to being by themselves in a cab all day. We know and understand Driver’s needs either to interact or not interact with too many people. That’s because in our training and communicating with you we learn where a good fit would be for you. Regardless of how social you are, your ability to speak and work with others is part of your job. You, as a Driver are working with Customers that have been sold a service that includes having a qualified, safe Driver to move their product and represent them to their Customers. Please note, whether you’re showing excellent customer service or not, these reviews are communicated to us. Reviews, recognition’s and even complaints are kept in Driver files.  Performances are measured at time of reviews and can help you in the long run.  We have so many great letters and notes from our Customers raving about our Drivers.

I say, a Leased Drivers’ actions can float or sink our ship. It’s our Mission Statement to stand out and be different than other companies. We can only do this by your continued growth as a great sales and customer service orientated Driver. This is a partnership with you and Capital Driver Leasing.  Our responsibility is to guide you as to what the Company and our Customer’s expect. The Driver’s responsibility is to do your best, drive safe and care about each account you’re assigned to. Achieving these goals separates you from the “Typical” mold of a Truck Driver. It takes a lot today to make it in this industry. Set yourself apart and SELL SELL SELL.

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