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Leap Year and a Leap of Faith!


Leap Year and a Leap of Faith!

leap year 2 Words correlated with “leap of faith”: assurance, conviction, hope, uncertainty, unknown. We are in a business that is changing rapidly with technology. So many of our drivers are of the old school ie: written log books and paper timesheets. When we introduce VERICLOCK , SIMULATOR TRAINING and SMARTPHONES, This new information and technology causes anxiety and takes a little time to learn. At Capital Driver Leasing we are moving forward swiftly and have implemented many innovated time saving programs. At CDL we have a diversified group of drivers, old, new , tech savvy , not so savvy. I am proud to say they have met the call and stepped up to learn this new technology. They have been helped by our staff and feel comfortable coming to our office to learn. “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.” UNKNOWN It is a testament to our drivers that we send them to other companies, knowing how to electronically log in, verify their times, and how to use a smart phone with GPS apps on them. Our Customers are not only receiving qualified drivers, but technology savvy drivers. Not to mention saving our planet of paper, and saving our Accounting Department hours of work. Leap year comes every 4 years, it is in place to correct our out of control solar system. It is a way that we catch up and set it straight. Technology today in the Truck Driving Industry is doing exactly the same thing. We wish you a Happy Leap year day. Where will you be in 4 years? Where will our industry be? How can we stay ahead of the curve? At Capital Driver Leasing we are focused on keeping up with the times and looking to the future. It is only then can we replace fear of the unknown with a sense of desire for what is to come.]]>

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