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Job Hopping, what are the effects?


Job Hopping, what are the effects?

Its the year 2000 and a driver has submitted an application with 5 jobs in the last 2 years. The recruiter looks at it, thinks to himself, this driver has a lot of experience, he has worked with many of our customers, he will be a good hire. Fast forward to 2018 when a recruiter looks at the same information on an application the recruiter thinks, to himself, this guy jumps too much, my boss won’t be too happy if I hire this guy. We spend all this money between hiring bonuses, training and all the other expenses involved in hiring a driver. I am going to pass on this driver.

Even with the driver shortage, companies are looking at how often a driver changes jobs and why. Some drivers can make an extra $20,000 in new hire bonuses, during the holiday months there are companies who offer $1,000 holiday bonus to attract drivers. With the expense of hiring drivers being $3,000 to $5,000 companies will not risk hiring employees with a history of job hopping. If a driver is a good employee with a great safety record, good customer service skills and a consistent on- time delivery record, many drivers can negotiate raises, time off and benefits with their current Employer.

Recruiters must put the work in, to be able to make an appropriate assessment when there are too many jobs on an application.

First, review companies listed in the application on Google, Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn. If a driver worked for two companies with bad reviews it may be a reason to give the driver a shot but if the employers had good reviews then it may not be a good move to proceed with the hire.

Second, reviewing PEV’s from past employers; it could be that the driver had too many NON reportable accidents that caused him to be released from a company.

Third, a drivers background screening, PSP or MVR reports will show all DOT reportable accidents and road side inspections. If a driver is not doing his daily pre-trip inspections, this will cause a negative score ton a carriers CSA Score.

As a driver, looking for a perfect job, Capital Driver Leasing is a tool to help achieve this, without adding multiple jobs on your resume. We have had many drivers who transitioned from being a lease driver to a customer’s employee. This is a benefit to our customers, it’s a good screening process without investing in a hire.

It’s the year 2018, another application comes across the recruiters desk with Four years of experience, which includes Dry Van, Flat Bed, LTL, Refrigerated Loads, Lift Gate and Customer Service experience. The recruiter has come to the conclusion that this driver may have too many jobs, he notices however, this applicant has worked for one employer, Capital Driver Leasing, for three years.

The recruiter determines he is a good hire.

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