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Holidays and Wise Men


Holidays and Wise Men

tree with star   GOLD

  • It is a transitional metal and a group 11 element. A yellow precious metal, guaranteeing the value of currencies.
Our drivers are always in transition. They are part of a group. They are our most precious commodity They alone, guarantee the value and success of our business FRANKINCENSE Presented as a practical and medicinal gift to Kings as far back as 243 BC. This herb helps with movement and arthritic pain The drivers are in seated positions for lengthy amounts of time, over the years they have shoulder and knee pain. Good health and living a healthy life are things we try to promote MYRRH Is an expensive spice, it was used medicinally and used for the anointing of the dead. When crushed, it reduces the swelling and stops the pain. Kind of like, when you have growing pains and need a driver.   This Holiday Season we remember:   Truck drivers that travel far That they drive at night and follow the stars They keep things simple They follow an assignment They make deliveries, then head out on their way   They are our gift… wise men know this]]>

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