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HEAT WAVES~~~~~~~~~~


HEAT WAVES~~~~~~~~~~

Hot desert road   We have all seen the WIBBLES on the highway. Remember a desert scene in a movie with the car looking straight ahead and seeing those waves? When we see that, we have a mental note in our head that it is really hot outside. We are not in the dessert, but in New England and the hot days of Summer are here. This is a time when our drivers need to be more alert, do a more extensive pre-trip inspections, and be more prepared.   We at Capital Driver Leasing want our drivers to be safe and healthy, so here are a few suggestions for you when you are on the road.

  1. Bring a list of maintenance vendors along your route, in case you break down.
  2. When a storm breaks out, it would be good to have 2-3 alternate routes, you never know about flash floods and fallen trees. Map this out ahead of time and keep it with you.
  3. As a pre-trip inspection, go the extra mile and make sure your air conditioning, compressor and condenser are working. Check your fluid hoses. Also, check your tire pressure, it is so important on the hot roads that they are properly inflated.
Keep a gallon of water with you , make sure your cell phone is completely charged for possible distress calls]]>

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