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Is your program really working? By Jason Cardozathat was easy button I have been involved in the transportation industry for almost 30 years. In that length of time I have learned several valuable lessons and one of these lessons that I encourage everyone to really think strongly about is “Recognizing when you need help”. Never under any circumstances think that you can’t improve upon something. Never get complacent. Just when you think you know it all, you find out that you don’t. Most of us grew up understanding the term… “Step outside the box” or better yet… “Two heads are better than one”. Business relationships work best when two companies partner together to help each other achieve a common goal or outcome. The idea of adding value and collaborating seems to have been lost somewhere. I have learned over the years that asking someone to assist and look at what I am working on can be quite valuable. That second set of eyes or someone who can step outside the box and look at it, just might see it differently and get this… just might have some value to add, assuming you partnered with the right folks. Why is it that all too often, people turn down this help or refuse to ask for it? Why is it that an organization or department passes on improvement? Are we all so naive to think that we do it better than anyone else and that there is no improvement needed? Are we worried that our flaws might be exposed? Are we concerned that our lack of knowledge or know how will be found out? Well, if you think it has not been found out already, think again. Your whole organization could be suffering because of your inability to reach out and and ask for help. Trust me they know. Never be afraid to ask the company you partner with for help and always be open to change. Successful partnerships survive because of communication and by having a give and take attitude.]]>

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