Being a Capital Driver Leasing driver is the closest thing to being an owner operator without having to make a $100,000 investment in your own truck. At Capital Driver Leasing, our employees have a wide range of assignments that need to be covered. Whether it is the type of work, days or nights, you name it Capital Driver Leasing has a customer looking for support. The same as Owner Operators, decisions made determine how successful and financially sound their career becomes.

Capital Driver Leasing drivers have the opportunity to make a good living if they are able to make themselves available. Our employees have the potential to earn well above the average driver wage. For most lease drivers this is the goal! There are multiple ways to increase wages, let’s explore some common obstacles not often considered:

First, consider the willingness to work outside of your comfort zone. Drivers come to us and say “I don’t work nights, I don’t want to peddle freight, I don’t want to travel”, etc. The list of “I don’t” goes on and on. We can accommodate most driver request, however if the driver has too many “I don’t want to’s” on their list they will be an average earner at best.

Next, consider getting as many endorsements as possible. Capital Driver Leasing is a service company and our customers can request a driver with any type of endorsement, in a moment’s notice. Therefore, obtaining a hazmat, tanker, doubles and/or triples endorsement, on your license provides you with greater opportunities for success. Of course it costs time and money to get these endorsements but like any other business plan, it takes money to make money. Don’t think for a minute that you are not a small business…invest in yourself and your future! The more you have to offer the more people will utilize your services. It’s a win-win situation.

The last point to consider is not being too job specific. At Capital Driver Leasing we do not just offer drop and hooks or bump dock scenarios. We live in New England and the reality is that there are a multitude of different driving situations. For example, there’s flatbed, city work, peddling freight, there’s also pallet offloading and roller work. Many of our customers are local so our drivers are home every night. On occasion you may be required to layover for a night or two, but the option is yours. If you have the availability, consider taking all runs that come your way. Narrowing your options chokes your availability in making a good living as a Capital Driver Leasing driver.

If you speak to any successful Owner Operator they will tell you they have the ability to pick and choose what they do, but they will also tell you they are always ready to make themselves available. Being a Capital Driver Leasing driver provides you with valuable hands-on work experience that cannot be gained by working solely for one company. At Capital Driver Leasing, you have the ability to ensure your future’s success by overcoming the barriers that may be holding you back from excelling further in your career.

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