Driver Screening and Dispatching Process


At Capital Driver, we strive for a culture of quality, compliance and Safety. We have internalized that effective driver screening is most important to these goals. Accordingly, we require that every driver applicant be screened and road tested prior to dispatch.  The driver’s are thoroughly vetted.

“You Are What Your Record Says you are”…. Paraphrased from Coach Bill Parcells

Doing so ensures that each driver’s background and qualifications are reviewed objectively by a specialist who serves as a corporate gatekeeper.

Here is how it works

  • One to one interview with corporate recruiter
  • Driver Applies for Employment at Capital Driver Leasing. Completes Qualification File
  • Safety Officer Review’s file for completeness and details. If candidate meets qualification of DOT and Capital Driver requirements.  (Top in the industry, see driver requirements)
  • Hard Copy is loaded on to our software. We keep both hard copy and Electronic copy . This makes getting the customer the needed information is timely
  • Candidate is sent for DOT pre-employment Drug screen and road tested.
  • Previous employment verifications are done and references checked.
  • Driver the goes through the Capital Driver orientation.
  • Final approval by the operation team
  • Driver is dispatched  to customer. We remain in contact with employee closely on the first few assignments in order to insure good customer service and both Capital Driver and Motor Carrier procedures are followed.
The questionnaire

The questionnaire